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The Supermarket is effectively an "administrative box" that allows you to invest via ISAs, unit trusts and ISA/PEP Transfers - and spread your investment between nearly 900 funds. You receive ONE CLEAR STATEMENT covering your funds - so you always know exactly what you are holding
Not only do you make new investments, but you can also move your existing investments to the Supermarket - without cost. The process is called Re-Registration and it means that you will receive one consolidated statement covering all your funds.
Supermarket funds come with Supermarket discounts. Automatic discounts will be applied when you invest - and if you switch funds within the Supermarket the initial charge on nearly 900 funds is reduced to just 0.25%.
The result? You end up with a PEP, ISA and Unit Trust portfolio that matches your income/growth requirements and attitude to risk. As your income/growth requirements change, you can easily adjust the portfolio accordingly.

What do you want to do?

Invest in one of our suggested portfolios
Choose from specially constructed portfolios
Look at our "Sector Favourites"
We have narrowed 900 funds down to a shortlist that we really like.
Consider the complete fund list
Choose from over 850 funds managed by 53 investment groups.
Switch funds for 0.25%
Don't hold the wrong funds. When you switch between funds, the initial charge is reduced to just 0.25%.
Make life simpler -Re-Register your funds
See how "Re-Registration" can bring all your existing investments together and make life simpler.
Choose Cash
If you don't want to invest in the market now why not place your money in the Supermarket's Cash Reserve until you do.

InvescoPerpetual High Inc
Artemis European
New Star Property
JPM Japan
Framlington Monthly Inc
Artemis Income
Framlington UK Sel Opps
Jupiter Income
Rathbone Income
Jupiter M Worldwide
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