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Size File Title Document Description
999 K 2006 FundChoice Guide.pdf This is the complete 2006 FundChoice guide. Please note - this is a large file (1.6 mb)

154 K applicationpack.pdf All you need to invest in an ISA, Transfer your PEPs/ISAs or invest in unit trusts.

113 K Boost.pdf All you need to transfer your ISas, PEPs and Unit Trusts to the Supermarket

75 K Children.pdf Your children/grandchildren should enjoy some growth - this pack shows you how

64 K costservice.pdf This document indicates the costs of the various services we offer, and compares the costs to the average charged by IFAs

74 K DirectDebit.pdf A direct debit form. Remember, monthly savings are NOT available for unit trust/OEIC investment.

121 K DiscountReview.pdf pdf version of our regular snail-mail Newsletter

76 K Finass.pdf The information on this form will enable us to provide you with personal advice. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence. Note - this file does not include the "Cost of our Services" section. For this you should download costservice.pdf above

71 K Finassgarrison.pdf The Garrison Financial Assessment form, complete with a note of the cost of our services

650 K Fundkeyfeatures.pdf This shows the fund specific key features for all of the funds on the Supermarket as at February 2006. It is a large file (650k)

345 K Fundlist.pdf A list of all the funds and all the discounts as at 1st February 2006

50 K FundShortlist.pdf A list of our favourite funds in each sector

329 K GuaranteedforLife.pdf Aged between 50 - 75? Claimed your guaranteed income for life this year? Download this brochure and get the full picture.

60 K IsaApplication.pdf ISA application - for either 2005/65 or 2006/7 tax years

101 K KeyFeatures.pdf The basic Key Features and Terms & Conditions for the Fund Choice Supermarket

19 K lifecover.pdf If you would like a quotation for new or replacement life cover, please complete and return this form. NEVER stop any life cover until a new policy is in place.

25 K news.pdf Advance notice of fund launches, notice of fund manager movements - and other financially related matters.

183 K Pensions.pdf Whether you are 0 or 75, you should be reading about the new pensions!

5 K Publication3.pdf this is a test file

113 K Reregistration.pdf All you need to transfer your existing funds to the Supermarket without cost and benefit from low cost switches and consolidated statements.

90 K saleletter.pdf If you really want to sell an investment - complete this letter

77 K Switch.pdf You can switch between funds for just 0.25% - this form can be used to switch to the fund(s) of your choice

0 K switch.transferpack.pdf

0 K switchbuy.pdf

92 K TOB.pdf The terms of Business for FundChoice, which is a registered trading style of Garrison Investment Analysis Ltd.

120 K transferpack.pdf If you want to transfer an existing PEP or ISA to the Supermarket, use these forms.

116 K universalTopUp.pdf If you have an ISA for this year, but have not used up all your allowance, use this form.

113 K UTapplication.pdf Unit Trust/OEIC application

28 K VCT.pdf A very brief guide to VCTs - certainly not enough to make an investment decision

InvescoPerpetual High Inc
Artemis European
New Star Property
JPM Japan
Framlington Monthly Inc
Artemis Income
Framlington UK Sel Opps
Jupiter Income
Rathbone Income
Jupiter M Worldwide
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