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Who runs the Supermarket? How do I switch funds?
Who controls this web site? Can I manage my investments on line?
What will it cost? How do I withdraw funds
Are all supermarket discounts the same? How often will I receive a statement?
Is advice available? How secure are my investments?
I have other questions A Maxi and mini ISA in the same year?
Can I invest ina CAT Standard ISA

Who runs the Supermarket
The Supermarket is administered by Cofunds Ltd who also act as ISA and PEP account managers. Cofunds is an independent company owned by Jupiter, Threadneedle, Gartmore, M&G, Legal & General and IFDS. IFDS is part of a US owned fund administration group

Who controls this web site?
Garrison Investment Analysis Ltd controls this web site and undertaken the underlying fund research. Garrison is one of the UK's longest established discount investment brokers and has been offering investment information and advice for over 20 years. The company is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and it is totally independent.

What will it cost?
The Supermarket's costs are paid out of the normal annual management charges and hence you pay no additional charges for holding your investments on the Supermarket.

Are all Supermarket Discounts the same?
No. The discounts vary from fund to fund and may also depend on whether you are investing via an ISA/PEP or Unit Trust/OEIC.See the Funds & Discounts page.

Is Advice available?
Advice is available from Garrison on request, though you will be asked to provide details regarding your personal circumstances.

How do I Switch Funds?
Go to the Switch page which will enable you to switch on-line or in writing. Sales will take place at the first dealing point following receipt of your instructions. Subsequent fund purchases will be made on the next working day.

Can I manage my investments on line?
Yes. You can buy, switch and monitor your investments as frequently as you wish via our secure server, using a unique personal password and ID number. For security reasons you will have to register for this service on-line. Joint holdings cannot be switched on-line. Click the yellow arrow on the menu bar to be transferred to our secure site.

How do I withdraw funds?
You instruct Cofunds in writing. Sale proceeds will normally be transferred to your bank account within 5working days of their receipt of your instructions.

How often will I receive a statement?
You will receive a consolidated statement listing all of your holdings and their value every six months - but you can look at them every day via this site if you want!

How secure are my investments?
Your investments are absolutely secure, as units are held in a nominee name. In the event that Cofunds went into liquidation, your units would be unaffected and would be transferred to another Supermarket administrator or into your own name.

How often will I receive a consolidated statement
You will receive a consolidated statement listing all of your holdings and their value every six months. However, you can check values as frequently as you wish on the internet.

A maxi and a mini ISA in the same year?
No, you cannot invest in both types of ISA. If you have already invested in a Mini Cash ISA, for this year you may only invest up to £4,000 in a Mini Stocks and Shares ISA. If you have not yet invested in any ISA this tax year, you may invest up to£7,00 in a Maxi ISA.

can I invest in a CAT standard ISA?
Not through the fund supermarkt.

I have other questions?
Telephone our lo-call Helpline on 0845 129 8840.

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