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What's wrong?

  • Your funds are aimed at producing growth, but you now need income
  • You want to increase or decrease the level of risk you are taking
  • The fund manager has moved on and you wish to follow
  • The funds were once top-performers, but are now under-performing

Moving your PEPs and ISAs to the Supermarket will give them a boost - because with such a huge range of funds you can have the portfolio you want

Keep the tax advantage! Moving to the Supermarket ensures that you retain all the tax advantages - without using up this year's ISA allowance.

Move those PEPs at a discount - Worried about the cost? Relax. You automatically benefit from the Supermarket discounts.

Enjoy switches for just 0.25% - When you are on the Supermarket you can switch from one fund to another for just 0.25%.

Move those PEPs and ISAs quickly and easily - It couldn't be simpler to move your funds into the Supermarket.

  • Funds on the Supermarket? - Click a button to move them.
  • Funds NOT on the Supermarket - Click the button to download a transfer pack.

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Artemis European
New Star Property
JPM Japan
Framlington Monthly Inc
Artemis Income
Framlington UK Sel Opps
Jupiter Income
Rathbone Income
Jupiter M Worldwide
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